The Fox in Darkness

We are now installed in the Wapping flat, boxes slowly being unpacked, bubble wrap slowly discarded. Alas we won’t have internet until oh, say, the next millennium, so my missives will be few and far between. But the adventures reign unabated, starting with one that happened while I was still at my friend’s house in … Continue reading


On Not Being a Felon

As you already know I’m currently a little wandering nomad, flitting hither and thither until I can roost permanently in my new home in Wapping. I went away for a few days to Stratford-upon-Avon (expect some moony-eyed lyrical blogs about the beauty of the countryside &c, shortly). Following this I made my way to my … Continue reading


Wandering Nomad

With all the stuff taken off the walls, my room is echoing unnaturally. There are boxes and boxes and so many boxes in the living room. The fridge is empty and the cupboard is bare. In every move there is a point where the house no longer feels like your place even though you’re still … Continue reading


Moving On

Alas and alack, the lovely Fitzrovia adventure will shortly come to an end.  Our landlord has decided to do up the flat and then do up the rent, so very soon we must up sticks and shift. I’ve been very sad about this because the Fitzrovian garret adventure has been just sublime, but I can’t … Continue reading

The Lost Humour Columns

Mr Fix-It

So now I’m all moved in to my new flat here in London.  As we covered in my last column, moving out is always a process.  Moving in also comes with its share of trials, tribulations, and adjustments. Basically the second I moved in I began demanding that my poor long-suffering flatmate began fixing everything.  … Continue reading