On the very last day when we were getting ready to go to the airport it begins to snow.  A belated white Christmas for me and my family.  Though we worry about flights and driving, I can’t contain my joy as the big fluffy white flakes swirl around us. I try to catch them as … Continue reading

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One of the songs from the musical A Catered Affair I reviewed recently for Everything Theatre was titled “Coney Island.” It reminded me of a very short story called “Inside” that I wrote in my junior year at Sarah Lawrence after a field trip to the amusement park.  Inside Jared handed his and Tina’s tickets … Continue reading


Walking the Bounds

When I was young, we were forced to read Ethan Frome for school.  I found this novel utterly infuriating because one of the major themes is that the titular character leads a depressed, reduced life because he’d “seen too many New England winters.”  Now, New England winters are tough, but they don’t KILL people.  Okay, … Continue reading