Olympics in the Air

The Olympics is slowly starting to infiltrate my life. Traveling to and from work now, I pass lanes of traffic readied for Olympian visitors, I pass cones and checkpoints, and I pass the temporary huts and bus stops of the impending Media Village in Russell Square. Olympics volunteers have begun to appear as well, milling … Continue reading


Moving On

Alas and alack, the lovely Fitzrovia adventure will shortly come to an end.  Our landlord has decided to do up the flat and then do up the rent, so very soon we must up sticks and shift. I’ve been very sad about this because the Fitzrovian garret adventure has been just sublime, but I can’t … Continue reading


April Showers

For weeks now the weather has been completely, utterly, and typically British.  Staunchly.  Proudly, even.  It’s been changeable though mostly wet, windy, and colder than expected for the time of year.  While not very pleasant to inhabit, something about being immersed in the kind of weather where we grit our teeth and go for bracing … Continue reading

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The Gas Leak

Just before I left the house for the evening last Tuesday, my housemate drew my attention to the smell of gas in the kitchen.  We sort of hemmed and hawed for a bit, not knowing exactly who you’re supposed to call when you suspect a gas leak.  And really?  A gas leak?  I mean, how … Continue reading