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On the Way to Work, Part 2

Series of short blogs about things I see on the way into work. 

21 Feb 12
Second day of training Out of London.  Nabbed a table seat for the first time in ages.  Trying to look industrious.

My route to the station takes me up Cleveland St to Great Portland Street station.

I like the walk up Cleveland St—the unfortunately named Fish Bone restaurant, the Fine Ales and Stouts sign in the Bromley Arms old Edwardian pub window.  My neighborhood is very well stocked with Edwardian pubs.  And of course every time I go up that way I’m reminded that I am walking through the neighborhood of Maisie Dobbs.  I’ve been working steadily through her books.  I can see why Jacqueline Winspear chose Fitzrovia for her historical setting—it still has the feel of a post WWI neighborhood.  Stolid, old-fashioned, worn but reliable and respectable.  Quiet.  Remarkably so considering the bustle of contemporary London.

My surprise and delight on the way home as well, looking up to see a Clipstone Street not far from where I live (Clipstone’s being the fictitious brand of tea that sponsors the delightful Fitzrovia Radio Hour).