Scary Stories

I really like action films.  Specifically, I really like very silly action films with absurd premises and outlandish heroes, like the one starring Nicholas Cage about the demon that escapes from hell to haunt evildoers on his flaming motorcycle.  Or the one with Christian Bale leading a band of ragged survivors in a postapocalyptic wasteland … Continue reading


Night Terrors

As you would expect of a young person at the weekend in a thriving metropolitan city like London, last night I was out with some friends. And then, we got to 11 PM and the little dance started.  The dance of “When do I need to leave here so I don’t end up stranded in … Continue reading

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Posh (the play)

After a truly indulgent day attending ‘Off the Shelf at Black’s’, a writing workshop at Black’s members club (for more upon which, stay tuned), I traipsed off to ‘Posh’ at the Duke of York’s Theatre. During the interval I remarked to a friend that it was a bit like the first half of ‘She Stoops … Continue reading


The Day the Ravers Came

There’s an empty laboratory across the street from my house.  I like to call it abandoned, but  it isn’t really–it’s just been vacant since the Middlesex Hospital was destroyed.  I’ve seen workmen in there doing industrious things from time to time, so it can’t really be called abandoned. But it’s empty enough.  Enough for a … Continue reading


Help of a Sort

I failed her. As I was walking to work this morning, as usual rushing because I’d left at the very last possible minute, I passed a woman in the street.  I saw her long before she reached me–shortish build, short hair, disheveled, walking in a line that was not precisely straight.  But the most noticeable … Continue reading