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On Imaginary Things

San Francisco always seems imaginary to me.  Unlike many of my friends I’ve never felt the urge to move here because it would be like asking to live in a daydream: beautiful and otherworldly but insubstantial.  But then, the digital worlds that we build of which Silicon Valley is the spiritual home are no more … Continue reading



I was introduced to this word a few days ago by Philip K Dick’s novel ‘The Man in the High Castle’, and its certainly a concept that springs to life in Stratford-upon-Avon. Most of the UK, in fact, has a palpable sense of identity, of pride, not only in the objects and stories of history … Continue reading

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Okay, it wasn’t really Entmoot.  But that’s what I kept thinking in my head every time I heard the term Ward Mote, which is what I actually went to on Monday afternoon. Entmoot, as I am sure you know, is the fictional meeting of tree-like creatures called Ents in Tolkein’s famous fantasy series Lord of … Continue reading

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The Creature

Excerpt from, click the link to read the rest 0 Okay, I’ll save you the suspense (what little is left.) I did get a ticket to Frankenstein. Some of you may be wondering, “How on earth does that unemployed PhD with threadbare elbow-patch jackets even manage to afford going to all that theatre anyway?” … Continue reading