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Dance Hack Day 2017: a Whirlwind Adventure

Dance Hack Day is a global celebration of technology and the choreographic arts.  Participating in this year’s Amsterdam sister site event with an evolution of my light-up motion-responsive Arduino costume was a joy and a privilege. My biggest learning from the weekend is that with the right kind of supportive and open environment, even someone … Continue reading

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I went to see ‘Once’ at the Phoenix Theatre last night with some friends.  I hadn’t, I admit, been super keen to see it, but if there is theatre on the cards I am always willing to take a gamble. At first it appeared that the cards may not be in our favour as we … Continue reading

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I went to a céilidh recently. In contemporary terminology, a céilidh is a gathering for people wishing to partake in traditional Scottish dancing (or Irish, if spelled céilí). However, I am told by Wikipedia that the term originally referred to any kind of social gathering, not necessarily involving dancing. There’s a parallel in belly dance … Continue reading