Traveling Lines

The sun woke me just before six.  We couldn’t figure out how to open the blinds, but somehow a little patch of flickering light appeared, playing over my eyes.  I thought about going back to sleep but then I thought how seldom I get to travel on a conveyance with a club car, where I … Continue reading

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St James’s Sunday

I rather did stumble into Upper-Crust London on this walk.  I frequently overshoot my mark making for the nearest edge of St James’s Park—I always think it’s further west than it is and end up striding down Bond Street or Savile Row past shops selling fripperies to the rich and fashionable, neither of which I … Continue reading


Follow the Dragon

There we were, shuffling along as quickly as possible.  We weren’t able to run, because around us was a very large crowd indeed.  We were attempting to follow through this crowd a drum and the bottom half of a lion dancer. It was the Chinese New Year parade in London, and we were making our … Continue reading