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London on my Doorstep

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For once my absence hasn’t been due to lack of interesting times or things to post about, but rather I’ve been so flat-out busy getting settled in my new flat. First things first: Naked Guy is now Guy Who Always Pulls the Shades Down if He’s Naked, Though Still Sometimes Walks Around Topless. In case anyone was wondering.

Since I last wrote I’ve been reflecting on how disorienting it is to move to a new place, any new place, even one which you’ve visited several times previously. New sets of keys, new noises to confuse until they become commonplace. New appliances, new windows and drawers that stick in new ways. New couches and new beds with new lumps and new hollows. Most of all new directions to learn, new paths to wander. I got lost about a block from where I live the second day after I moved in–I didn’t lose my own house, I knew where that was, but I couldn’t find the shop I was looking for on a smallish street nearby.

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