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Empathy Tech: Solving Problems Through Perspective (for Libertine)

Libertine recently published my article on empathy tech: Lurking behind every technical product is a problem; a problem designers are attempting to solve through engineering. This fundamental principle has brought us everything from plastic cups that fit snugly in the water cooler dispenser to the lines of code that automatically sync your flight confirmation email with … Continue reading


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Hello lovely blog followers and a very happy new year to you all! I’m about to restore the whole blog from a backup.  You might receive some post notifications as a result.  I hope you are all enjoying a happy and healthy new year thus far. Continue reading

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Think Drink Do: Innovation from Paper, November 2014

I always enjoy innovation agency Paper’s Think Drink Do events, in which they have a series of speakers focusing on behaviour change and related concepts followed by a practical crowdsourcing innovation exercise. This time we had Cath Richardson from the Government Digital Service providing insights about how to encourage government departments to focus on citizen … Continue reading


Mission: Dracula!

Gentle reader, there is a rational limit to being an enthusiastic supporter. In London, that limit is the M25. Travel further than that to see something, such as a particular theatre company you quite like, and you risk opening yourself to accusations of not being rational. Fortunately, I have friends who are willing to indulge … Continue reading