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Adventures in coding-land

I dreamed about a canvas painted in thick smears of black, spread so thickly the strokes seemed to move, roiling over and around each other giving depth and heft to the obscurity. Smudges of color which never quite resolved into shapes blossomed and faded on the surface, giving the impression of sinister figures shrouded in … Continue reading


Raineth Every Day

“I like being in the car when there’s a storm outside,” said Curmudgeonly Former Housemate (CFH). “It’s like being inside a turtle shell.”  And what a storm there was. Outside pedestrians huddled miserably under covered awnings and in the mouth of a shopping arcade, wind lashing the rain into their faces from a prematurely dark … Continue reading

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On Imaginary Things

San Francisco always seems imaginary to me.  Unlike many of my friends I’ve never felt the urge to move here because it would be like asking to live in a daydream: beautiful and otherworldly but insubstantial.  But then, the digital worlds that we build of which Silicon Valley is the spiritual home are no more … Continue reading



Smooth, dark and perfectly square with beveled edges, the unexpected small chunk of marble peered out of my mailbox. No address, no label, no packaging, no explanation.  Just a two-inch square cube of marble.  It’s moments like these, when confronted with a hitherto unimagined circumstance, that I am reminded how ripe the world is with … Continue reading


Research at the Art Hackathon

Earlier this year I got involved with a project that some friends were running in London to promote creative partnerships between artists and technologists.  The Art Hackathon team wanted some help conducting research on their initiative, particularly on the experiential side of how participants thought about their participation in the event.  We wanted to get … Continue reading


Plotting Citymapper’s Global Routes (for Libertine)

Libertine recently published my article on Citymapper: The journey planner app makes navigating big cities easy – but how would it fare in places with less defined transportation systems? I’ve long been an admirer of Citymapper‘s easy-to-use, stylish public transportation app for getting around London. Recently, the app seamlessly transitioned me from London to San … Continue reading