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What’s so Bad about the Internet? Reflections from the OII Connected Life Conference & the EU Referendum

Naturally the EU referendum came up for discussion during the Oxford Internet Institute’s recent Connected Life conference, but as an afterthought and an aside.  I believe everyone present was nearly certain that Britain would vote to retain the status quo, and as subsequent reaction in the media demonstrated we were in good company.  Even those … Continue reading


Raineth Every Day

“I like being in the car when there’s a storm outside,” said Curmudgeonly Former Housemate (CFH). “It’s like being inside a turtle shell.”  And what a storm there was. Outside pedestrians huddled miserably under covered awnings and in the mouth of a shopping arcade, wind lashing the rain into their faces from a prematurely dark … Continue reading



Smooth, dark and perfectly square with beveled edges, the unexpected small chunk of marble peered out of my mailbox. No address, no label, no packaging, no explanation.  Just a two-inch square cube of marble.  It’s moments like these, when confronted with a hitherto unimagined circumstance, that I am reminded how ripe the world is with … Continue reading