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Vocal Media

To expand my readership and to keep up my rigorous standards as a writer by getting editorial feedback, I started blogging for an outfit called Vocal Media.  Follow the link and you can keep up to date with my posts there.  So far I’ve written about losing a tooth, best-practice tips for creating your post-apocalyptic … Continue reading


The Political Is Personal

I’ll always remember the condescending smile on the face of my interlocutor as I finally walked away. The argument was, unbelievably, about the continuing need for feminism, which my adversary contended was out of date. “Can you name a single instance in your life where you’ve been discriminated against?” My failure to come up with … Continue reading


The Quiet

I have the good fortune to live in an unusual little corner of London overlooking a decommissioned dock that is now used for training small children to sail, adults to kayak, and other healthy maritime pursuits.  On hot days it attracts merry bands of revellers seeking a way to cool off, diving merrily into the … Continue reading


The Writer’s Lament

Every once in a while I get very upset with myself and with the world at large for not creating space to write.  I feel guilty for not making time to blog more regularly and for not proactively pitching my work to Real Places like a Real Writer, and chagrined that I need to make … Continue reading


The Enya

With St Patrick’s Day on the approach, let me tell you about a little cocktail I invented with some charming Irish barmen. It was a friend’s birthday.  We were on pub #2, or possibly #3, I’m not entirely sure.  What I do know is that we were somewhere a hair north of Victoria Park in … Continue reading