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A moment of gratitude and a call for action

As we come to the end of year that has been full of unanticipated challenges, I’m drawn to reflect on the things I’m truly grateful for.  One of those things is Ada’s List, a group which supports women in technology (and science, engineering and maths) by offering an exchange of opportunities, space to talk about difficult times, to share ideas, and to learn from each others’ knowledge. I helped capture what the group has achieved this year through the Storify I created of the first Ada’s List conference.

This year Ada’s List has had a clear positive impact on my career and I want to help the group continue its excellent work and make its resources available to more women. To do this, we need your help too. Please consider donating to the Ada’s List crowdfunding campaign.  This will allow Ada’s List to continue growing its mission to transform the tech industry into a open and inclusive space.

We believe things are better when created  by a diverse group of people.  Especially now, I think it’s important to amplify initiatives that have diversity and inclusion at their heart.  I’m grateful that I have the power to support this group which has been so supportive of me in the last year.  I hope you’ll consider supporting us too.