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Ada’s List Member Survey

For a while now I’ve belonged to a London-focused Women In Technology group called Ada’s List.  It’s a fantastic way to find out about events and training, but more importantly, the frank conversations which form part of the group’s ethos really help me to feel more confident in my career.  Even when I’m not actively participating in a conversation, simply the knowledge that the forum is there for me when I need it is very reassuring.

The founders recently conducted a member survey to determine a little more about where the community should be going, and when the results were in member Alexis Cuddyre shaped them into an infographic which is downloadable here.  Imagine my delight to see that one of my answers was featured as a representative sample of our favourite things about Ada’s list.  Here’s what I said:

The best thing about Ada’s list is its ability to act as an arena for people to connect needs with resources that can help them, and the fact that it works both ways: I can post a solution as well as a problem and see who takes it up.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a vibrant community and I am looking forward to another year with Ada’s List!