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Blue Remembered Hills (Review for Everything Theatre)

The folks at Everything Theatre let me review Blue Remembered Hills at the New Diorama Theatre for them:

To me, Blue Remembered Hills really is like Dennis Potter took Lord of the Flies, added a couple of girls and relocated it to Dorset. We may not be on a tropical island, but there’s the same theme of casual childhood cruelty, the same animal torture, and the same bullying that escalates throughout to arrive at a disturbing end.

The play follows the story of seven children playing in the Forest of Dean during World War II. Left to their own devices, things take a darker turn. There is a bounty on squirrel killing which leads them to heights of violence none of them have previously experienced. Later, they egg each other on to an increasing frenzy of fear when sirens indicate that a Prisoner of War has escaped from a nearby camp. Oh, and there’s this one kid who really, really likes matches.

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They have also let me put my favourite ever sarky author bio on their “Meet our team” page.  Enjoy.