In the Moment

Have you ever had the feeling that you are exactly where you should be in life, doing exactly what you should be doing? It’s a rare enough feeling with me, but one that occasionally strikes with the force of a reassuring lightning bolt. It came to me clearly as I sat on a shaded bench … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

I went home for Thanksgiving for the first time in five years. It was also the first time in about six or seven years that my mom’s whole side of the family had been together. There’s nothing in the world like that all-togetherness. I am so thankful for living abroad, but also for the freedom … Continue reading



I’ve always had very mixed feelings about Remembrance Sunday, partly because I’m a pacifist and I feel ambivalent about glorifying military deaths over civilians and others affected by war. But more importantly, I’ve never felt that I had anyone personal to remember. But as I watched the ceremonies this morning I realized that there was … Continue reading