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Flood Prevention Strategy (or, Londoners, Prepare Yourselves.)

If you’ve been following my little missives, you’ll know that I’m shortly moving to London.  You will also know that for reasons yet to be quantified by science, there appears to be a strong correlation between me living in a house and it becoming saturated by water.  This has happened in every house I have lived in for the past two years, a total of six distinct aqueous incidents in five separate abodes.  (Not even counting the time when I went to visit a friend and a week later her room developed a leak.)

In response to this, I received what has to be the best “good luck on your new move” card ever in the history of cards.  On the front was a car packed to the gills with everything that could possibly be squeezed in–all but the kitchen sink, as the saying goes.  On the inside of the card, my friends had written, “Enjoy London, on your track record please do NOT visit the Thames barrier.

My friends then suggested that perhaps if I started carrying a kitchen sink around with me it may act as a prophylactic measure.  So if anyone has a kitchen sink going spare, do feel free to get in touch.

On a completely unrelated note, my father had to go in for a heart procedure yesterday.  I avoided posting about it beforehand because, though it was highly unlikely that things would go wrong, I couldn’t imagine how I would approach writing about it if they did.  I’m very relieved and pleased to say that all has gone well and he is now home and fine.  Apparently before he went home he insisted on stopping at his favorite coffee shop so he could dance around to the “Rocky” theme song with all his friends.  In case you’ve forgotten the Rocky theme song, allow me to remind you of it now…

A perfect way to celebrate a newly-regulated heartbeat, I think.

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