Queen of the Waters Strikes Again!

The next time I wrote about my fantastical ability to flood everything, I thought I’d at least be in my new abode.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve totally been expecting to flood the new house based on past history (cf basically every post I’ve ever written).  But until this point I hadn’t yet managed to flood a place twice.

I mean, it’s not as if any of the flooding has ever actually been my fault, with the possible exception of the time the washing machine door popped open in Cairo, but even then it later turned out that it wasn’t that I hadn’t shut it properly…it started doing that all the time.  And to be fair, this time it’s not so much a flood as a patch of damp on the wall.

I first noticed it a few days ago; the paint looked dark in a couple of spots.  It didn’t seem damp to the touch, so I decided the paint must have reacted with something that was stuck on it previously.  But it got worse.  It’s right behind the towel rail next to the sink in my room, so it’s obscured by the towel most of the time.  By the time I took a good look again today the paint was bubbling up in a couple of spots and, to my asthma-prone horror, a few starter kits of mold are festering there.

You might think it’s the towel causing the damp patches on the wall but I’ve lived here almost a year now and this is the first it’s happened.  It turned out that my sink is leaking.  How this has managed to cause a damp patch on the wall a good three feet away–above where the leak is coming out–is beyond my humble powers to reason out, but the plumber’s been and replaced something, so hopefully that will be the end of it.

I reiterate my offer to provide soothing waters to any drought-plagued nations that might be in your care.

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