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International Women’s Day: The Rest is Just Syntax

Last week I was invited to observe a women in technology celebration day for young teenagers who are starting to look at the kinds of higher educational paths they want to pursue.  The highlight of the day for me was meeting Genevieve Smith-Nunes, an educator who uses arts to convey computer science concepts–and computer science … Continue reading

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Think Drink Do: Innovation from Paper, November 2014

I always enjoy innovation agency Paper’s Think Drink Do events, in which they have a series of speakers focusing on behaviour change and related concepts followed by a practical crowdsourcing innovation exercise. This time we had Cath Richardson from the Government Digital Service providing insights about how to encourage government departments to focus on citizen … Continue reading

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Coded Feminine: Diversity Protocols in the Tech Industry

Originally posted on quiteirregular:
This is a guest post by Dr. Caitlin McDonald, author and data analyst.  Caitlin blogs at https://inamerryhour.com/ and can be found on twitter @caitiewrites Can I tell you a secret?  I sometimes feel like a fraud.  I work in data analytics, with an increasing role not only in crunching the numbers…