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Fringe Festival 2017

There is a bridge in Edinburgh over Cowgate, the George IV bridge, that drips constantly even when it hasn’t been raining. I got to know the underside of that bridge very well earlier this week when I visited the Edinburgh Fringe Festival again. Every time I visit the Fringe I’m captivated by the creative ingenuity of everyone bringing their visions to life.

Before heading up I sent an email to a friend with my list of possible shows to see. “Broadly I’d like to go to at least one magic show, at least one spoof historical comedy, and at least one bonkers performance art thing.”  I met that list in spades. Here were a few of my favourites:

Love Hard: Murdered by Murder.  A spoof of 1930s upper-crust murder mysteries in large country houses by a fresh-faced young duo who took it in stride when the ceiling lights in their basement venue suddenly gave up the ghost.

Part of the Picture. A heartwrenching look at the 1987 Piper Alpha disaster and the artwork created by artist Sue Jane Taylor in her exploration of workers in the Scottish oil and gas industry. Beautiful live music, intelligent set design, and touchingly told story.

The Time Machine. To my friend before the festival: “An H.G. Wells musical (I think this will be in the ‘awesome or awful’ category.)” Can now confirm: was in the ‘awesome’ category. Theremins, exploding cabbages, a song about crabs from the future…what’s not to love?

Brendon Burns and Colt Cabana Do Comedy and Commentary to Bad Wrestling Matches. Fun for non-wrestling fans as well as those showing up in their own personal spandex.

How Eva Von Schnippisch Won WWII. Beautifully crafted solo show with laughs, dancing and some lovely Marlene Dietrich-style songs.

Looking forward to next year’s Fringe. My requirements for an eclectic mix of shows stand.