Reality Abuse at the Dublin Castle: review for Everything Theatre

I reviewed Reality Abuse at the Dublin Castle for Everything Theatre:

For those of us who best know the Dublin Castle as a place for sticky evenings of Murphy’s stout and very earnest dancing, Reality Abuse is a refreshing change of pace. This unique experience, part of the Camden Fringe, is a bit like an old-fashioned parlour séance. Except that instead of a Victorian sitting room we’re in the back of the Dublin Castle, and instead of trying to raise the dead, the magician is trying to convince us that we are experiencing hallucinations. The show isn’t a spook-fest but is still quite creepy at times, so some may find the anticipation of fear overwhelming. I’m speaking here as the kind of person who, if there’s anything remotely startling in a show, tends to ‘Eep!’ loudly and jump in a neighbour’s lap. There was no actual eep-ing on this occasion but the potential was definitely there.

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