Macbeth in Abney Park Cemetery: review for Everything Theatre

I reviewed Macbeth in Abney Park Cemetery for Everything Theatre:

Macbeth makes sense in a graveyard. The knell of death and otherworldliness in Abney Park Cemetery, which is also a nature reserve, makes it a natural place to stage the bloody story of betrayal, hubris, and remorse. Paul Linghorn’s direction makes particularly good use of the space, with witches popping out all over the place and a mysterious masked figure with a guitar (and a nifty belt-clip amp) appearing periodically to lead us from place to place. Banquo’s ghost also gets some fun scenes leering at us through the trees as darkness descends. The banquet scene is a special highlight, with members of the audience picked out to eat at table with the actors. Linghorn doesn’t shy away from the violence of the piece and Ronin Traynor’s fight direction brings some real vim and vigour to the production.

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