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Father Nandru and the Wolves at Wilton’s Music Hall

I reviewed <em>Father Nandru and the Wolves</em> at Wilton’s Music Hall for Everything Theatre.

Wilton’s has surrounded Father Nandru and the Wolves with enticing tidbits: before the show you can grab a bit of ZakuskiLondon’s Romanian-inspired finger foods, and afterwards there is live music in the bar by gypsy bands. On the night I was there the Transylvanian band had their families with them, including a small boy in a suit and trilby hat with an ornate heart pinned to one side. During the first song he did an energetic dance, jumping, stamping on the ground and slapping the sides of his boots, all the time somber-faced. That spontaneous moment of performance was a definite highlight of the evening.

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