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McOnie Company’s Drunk: a Pleasantly Tipsy Evening

Drew McOnie’s Drunk at London’s Bridewell Theatre is a lively exploration of alcohol’s influence on romantic encounters. We begin, appropriately enough, in “Happy Hour.” Each of the performers arrives on a stage made up as a crowded bar and meets their particular poison, experiencing its unexpected, humorous, sensuous, and sometimes frightening effects on the body: Martini (Daniel Collins), Champagne (Katy Lowenhoff), Vodka (Lucinda Lawrence), Cider (Simon Hardwick), Scotch (Ashley Andrews), Rum (Fela Lufadeju), and Absinthe (Anabel Kutay). Then Ice (Gemma Sutton) arrives. Ice is on a blind date in this crowded bar, and she can’t decide what she wants to drink. Hijinks ensue.

Reviewed for Bachtrack on 9 February 2014, click to read on.