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In a Merry Hour: Welcome

Hello and welcome to In a Merry Hour! Below is my last post from the Caitiewrites blog explaining why I’ve moved on from my old blog title to this new one.  Looking forward to continuing the conversation.

A few of my loyal Caitiewrites subscribers have written in to say that the last entry I posted had some technical difficulties.  My apologies for cluttering your inboxes and feeds!  For some time now I’ve been mulling a change to the title of my blog, thoughts fuelled in part by this article on the pitfalls of using the wrong online alias, especially for women.

When I started blogging in 2008, I was about to leave for Egypt for my PhD fieldwork.  I joined a community of bloggers on the US women’s magazine Skirt!, and when the little blinking cursor popped up asking what I wanted my account to be called the answer seemed obvious: my childhood nickname, the name of giggled confidences and shared thoughtful conversation rather than that of legal documents and deathly dull paper forms, and what I would be doing.  Caitiewrites.

When I moved on to new platforms I took that name with me, but now it seems like time for a refresh.  After doodling out lots of long-winded titles involving palimpsests and journeys and all kinds of higgledy-piggledy, I finally settled on a snippet from one of my favourite pieces of theatre.  It comes from a moment encompassing the sweet, the bitter, and the celestial.  Going forward the blog will be called In a Merry Hour.

But with all changes come some technical difficulties, and while I was setting everything up over there, I had a few wee issues over here.  Everything seems to be sorted out now, though, and if you head over to (or, it will look… well, it will look darn near identical to Caitiewrites.  Except that this will be the last post on Caitiewrites, and going forward all new work will be posted on In a Merry Hour.  If you want to keep receiving alerts you’ll need to subscribe on the link in the right navigation bar on In a Merry Hour.  I hope you’ll join me on my continued adventures.