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Blog for Little Miss Geek: Humanities Students Make Great Geeks

The lovely folks over at Little Miss Geek, who run an initiative designed to inspire more women and girls to get into technical careers, allowed me to write a post for them on why humanities students make great geeks. 

Digital technology pervades all aspects of our lives and careers, a trend that looks like it’s only going to grow.  Right now all kinds of industries are becoming increasingly digitally driven: from manufacturing to media to civil service, there is a growing need for people who are tech-literate.  This points to a shift in working life where more and more jobs may not require a specialised computer science qualification, but rather some fluency with code along with other skills.  With many emerging jobs you won’t spend your whole time programming, but being able to show that you can write a basic SQL query or that you’ve experimented with Python or JavaScript, for example, will look very attractive to employers.

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