Reviewing for One Stop Arts

In addition to the very exciting news that my second book, Belly Dance Around the World, has now been published, I’ve also embarked on another creative outlet in the last couple of weeks: I am now reviewing theatre in London for One Stop Arts!  You can check out my profile here and my first review, of One Million at the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival, has already been published.  Here’s the teaser:

“After a mesmerising slow musical build-up with a dancer silhouetted against the sky, suddenly an orb began to rotate, the dancer turning it gyroscopically as the music and lighting signalled an increase in tempo. Then the orb ignited, white fireworks spinning it like a Catherine wheel. In this moment One Million truly was spectacular.”

Please do read the rest at One Stop Arts.

One Stop Arts’s motto is every show deserves a review, and I am really impressed by their ethos of supporting the arts.  I am so looking forward to the additional theatre viewing this opportunity will bring into my life.  If you know any upcoming performances that deserve a review (hint: every one), get in touch or put a listing on the One Stop Arts site so I can go see it.  Visual arts and museums are also covered as well as performance, so go check them out. 

2 thoughts on “Reviewing for One Stop Arts

  1. LOve, love, love it, dear! You are sooooo right! You have found another creative outlet and who knows where that open door will lead???? The world awaits within a stones throw of Kings Cross Station to paraphrase a post card you once sent!

    I love you. Mom

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