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On the Way to Work, Part 5

Series of short blogs about things I see on the way into work.

24 Feb 11

Detoured into the British Museum on the way home.  Needed a change of scene.  I went to the Elgin Marbles galleries; beautiful in daylight, majestic and mysterious when lit at night.  There were so many people–I wanted to get a ticket for the Grayson Perry exhibition Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman, but the line stretched along the Great Court like an impatient snake.

The Naiads.  Sea foam goddesses.  I wonder what made the Greeks so precise and realistic when carving human forms compared to the highly stylized lion in the same hall.  He looks thin, mean.  Sharp, more like an underfed dog than a lion.  But the Naiads, dresses tossed by sea breezes, can practically walk off their plinths.  Why is this?

Out of the museum by the back entrance.  I look up and see for the first time a stained glass window in the Senate House Library.  It appears to have a crest on it.  What it must be like to look out of that window on the gracious form of the British Museum.  It’s tucked away, that window, on the side of the building, a little room I imagine as pleasant and full of light.