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The Snow in London By caitieskirt, Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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In the first week of December we got some snow in London. I decided to go on an expedition to see the capital in all her wintry glory. I wandered down through Soho and into St. James’s park to visit the zombie geese and see how they were faring in the icy conditions. I passed through Picadilly Circus and by the Cenotaph being obscured by big, laconic flakes which made the world appear stately and highlighted the coziness of lit windows.

I had lunch at the cafe in the park so I could watch the snow. The back of Whitehall spread out beyond the dark trees, with the London Eye peeking out quietly over all, its slow revolutions highlighting the silence of the falling snow.

The birds seemed to be coping well with the big freeze, apart from a giant pink pelican who was shivering stoically in the wind. My surprise at seeing a pink pelican was overshadowed by wanting to gather the poor cold fellow in for a cuddle. I was hoping the zombie geese would make their special “heeeeeengh heeeeeeengh” cry, but they were mute in the snow.

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