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Santa and the Alien Mannequins

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This isn’t the first Thanksgiving I’ve spent in London, but it is the first one I’ve not spent cooking up a storm with my best friend Liz. She got a job back home in the States, and while I’m most proud of her, I did miss our yearly food-and-friends extravaganza. (I didn’t miss having to assemble the flat-pack table though–but luckily we only had to do that one time.)

I wasn’t actually planning to do anything special, partly because I was planning to head to jiu jitsu training in the evening and I knew I couldn’t eat myself into a stupor before that. I have other American friends in London but they were all working or otherwise busy, and it just seemed sad to head to one of the many restaurants doing a Thanksgiving-style meal and sitting there by myself at a table for one, with the whole restaurant staring in mute pity (or gloating!)

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