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Some Stuff I’d Like to See on Skirt

So now that I’ve had quite a while to play around with the Skirt! website, there are a few features I’d really like to see adopted.   I’m grateful for our lovely webspace and especially the community created here no matter what, so just consider this a pie-in-the-sky dream list.  

  • Notification that a comment has been posted.  I don’t know about you, but when I get informed that somebody has said something about something I had to say, I drop everything and go look-see what they’ve said.  Makes me feel important-like.  I’m not asking for a complete forward of every comment, just a notification that somebody put one up.  This would be really fabulous for older entries that somebody comments on long after it was originally posted.
  • Subscription service for blogs.  This would mostly be for Skirt! guests, who probably don’t check the site as obsessively as the rest of us.  I have, and I’m sure this is true for many of you, plenty of friends who follow my blog but are not among the Skirt! community, and I know they’d love it if they got notified via e-mail when a new post was available.  I believe this would also increase traffic to the site, because people who normally visit only sporadically to see what’s new with their favorite bloggermight come more regularly if they’re reminded to do so every so often.
  • New contest notification.  I’m actually paranoid that this already exists and I’m just not getting the memos… but getting an e-mail reminder every time there’s a new “This I Believe” or “Simply Chic” would give me time to actually write something in advance!  
  • Do the comment fields really need a subject line?  By default, the subject of most comments is the subject of the original post (even if it’s just a tangent based on a tiny piece of the original post).  I feel having a separate title for this is redundant.  Plenty of other Skirt!s must as well, since lots o’ people don’t actually use those subject fields.