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Lord of the Long Movies

After a late night out with my dad (remind me to write about that in another entry) my parents and I are holed up watching movies on the couch to recover.  Lord of the Rings, also known as The Longest Set of Movies Known To Man, happens to be on.

We missed the first one but came in somewhere in the middle of the second (subtitle: Not the Beginning where Things are Okay, Not the End where Everything Gets Resolved, Just the Difficult Bit.)  Actually the Two Towers is my favorite film in the trilogy because it has the ents in it.  I love ents.  They are the best thing ever.  If I could be a mythical creature of any kind I would definitely be an ent (though not a palm tree ent.  I would totally have branches.) 

If you haven’t seen the Lord of the Rings, then I congratulate you for your fortitude.  Luckily for you I am here to provide a summary of the important, valuable lessons you can learn from the Two Towers.

Actually, there’s only one overarching message to be taken from the film: never make a tree angry, because he will turn around and flood your mines. 

Everything else is small potatoes.

And now if you will excuse me, I’m going to get some popcorn.