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A Room of One’s Own

I am most pleased to announce that after much trouble and strife I have signed a lease agreement!

I’m moving in with two AUC students, Eva and Lucy.  They’re both undergraduates.  When I went to visit the flat the first time and they found out I’m a graduate student they both sort of unconsciously straightened up and looked at me like, “oooh, Grad Student!”

The flat is spacious and comfortable, in a location I really like and it even has a view of the Nile.  I will describe more thoroughly tomorrow after I move in, for now let me just say how good it is to have the key in my hand.  I went out and bought a hefty new keyring for it; a large moon from which dangles a small star in the center of which is the all-seeing eye. 

Among my favorite things about this flat: not having to deal with any more simsars, not having to see any more frighteningly unsuitable flats, not having to worry about how I’m going to get internet when I arrive (it’s already set up), and best of all, not having to sit in the hallway of a hotel with a pseudo-dead body in the corner anymore!