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Spurious Museums

Well, despite my time in Scotland being a writing trip I did manage to find time for distractions and diversions.  On the first day I left the Elephant cafe wandering up towards Edinburgh castle.  As I moved towards the entrance I finally realized that the giant sports-stadium style scaffolding projecting out from the hillside is … Continue reading


The London Train

Speeding through the majestic countryside of Eastern Scotland and northern England, I’m reflecting on my writing holiday.  Edinburgh was the perfect place, of course, because on the second day the weather turned chilly, and grey, and eventually rainy, forcing me to buckle down and concentrate on the purpose of my visit. But it was more … Continue reading


Traveling Lines

The sun woke me just before six.  We couldn’t figure out how to open the blinds, but somehow a little patch of flickering light appeared, playing over my eyes.  I thought about going back to sleep but then I thought how seldom I get to travel on a conveyance with a club car, where I … Continue reading


Moving On

Alas and alack, the lovely Fitzrovia adventure will shortly come to an end.  Our landlord has decided to do up the flat and then do up the rent, so very soon we must up sticks and shift. I’ve been very sad about this because the Fitzrovian garret adventure has been just sublime, but I can’t … Continue reading