The Literary Cabaret

Once again, the Bloomsbury Festival rolled around and brightened my life. The highlight this time was The Literary Cabaret last night at Senate House, hosted by Helen Smith (who, you may recall, I wrote about for The Writers’ Guild.) We were treated to an evening of song, wine, and superb reading, which I think you … Continue reading


Reading Britain

I went to the Writing Britain exhibition at the British Library recently.  Really fascinating.  The entrance was dramatic, with videos projected onto billowing sheets that called to mind sails and pages.  How appropriate for a writing exhibition in an island nation. My favorite parts were the manuscripts and authors’ notebooks penned in their own hands.  … Continue reading


A Winter’s Candle

One of the keenest pleasures I knew as a girl was staying up through long winter nights reading by the light of Christmas candles in our windows. When the Christmas decorations came down from the attic each year, the first things to come out were the electric candles that sat in every window upstairs and … Continue reading