Something Something Boulevard

Yesterday I collected some boxes which had been in long-term storage at Curmudgeonly Former Housemate’s new place.  (Note: CFH has in the past vainly protested me calling him a curmudgeon, and now that he will soon be moving to a different country I might be willing to grudgingly admit that he’s really not a curmudgeon … Continue reading


Camp Hamlet

While wandering around the moors last week I started thinking a lot about performances of nostalgia. But when I got back I realized I already wrote about that last year in this review of ‘Cantina’ and the Fitzrovia Radio Hour, so I’m not going to rehash that for you. However, while I was (re)considering all … Continue reading


Boston: You’re My Home

Monday there were two explosions close to the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  At the time I started to put my thoughts down on paper, Boston was in the process of evacuating as the authorities hunted for more suspicious devices. Boston is the city of my birth.  Though not truly my hometown–Gloucester, a coastal … Continue reading