Smooth, dark and perfectly square with beveled edges, the unexpected small chunk of marble peered out of my mailbox. No address, no label, no packaging, no explanation.  Just a two-inch square cube of marble.  It’s moments like these, when confronted with a hitherto unimagined circumstance, that I am reminded how ripe the world is with … Continue reading

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Designing Dating

I’ve been trying online dating recently, because that’s what single Londoners do in the summer. Because I work in tech, so far one of the most striking aspects of this experience has been how utterly disappointing the functionality and interface of the service I’m using is. That isn’t the fault of my potential dates, of … Continue reading

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Enchanted Evening

The London of my imagination is a nighttime city, a city of twinkling lights reflected in the Thames, of old-fashioned lampposts, of warm windows full of laughing people glowing into dim streets.  Sometimes it’s even like that in real life. One night I walk home from seeing a show at the Globe and I feel … Continue reading