Mission: Dracula!

Gentle reader, there is a rational limit to being an enthusiastic supporter. In London, that limit is the M25. Travel further than that to see something, such as a particular theatre company you quite like, and you risk opening yourself to accusations of not being rational. Fortunately, I have friends who are willing to indulge … Continue reading


Something Something Boulevard

Yesterday I collected some boxes which had been in long-term storage at Curmudgeonly Former Housemate’s new place.  (Note: CFH has in the past vainly protested me calling him a curmudgeon, and now that he will soon be moving to a different country I might be willing to grudgingly admit that he’s really not a curmudgeon … Continue reading


Raineth Every Day

“I like being in the car when there’s a storm outside,” said Curmudgeonly Former Housemate (CFH). “It’s like being inside a turtle shell.”  And what a storm there was. Outside pedestrians huddled miserably under covered awnings and in the mouth of a shopping arcade, wind lashing the rain into their faces from a prematurely dark … Continue reading